The Belfast Beach Boat Range

The story of the development of this range of boats is the core of the development of the SYSTEM.

Reading a copy of “The Riddle of the Sands” Brian came across an illustration of a traditional Dutch dinghy, double ended, lug sail, broad and stable.

Being conscious that many first-time boat builders are disappointed with the  performance of their boats, which have an elegant appearance but which prove unstable in use, he decided that this was a more suitable design for recreational use, particularly for inexperienced owners or children.

After many years of nagging Daniel was prevailed upon to draft an initial design for the boat.

It then passed to me to use the system to digitise , fair, allot plank shapes and overlaps, produce templates and the jig. Clearly if THE SYSTEM could handle such a complex shape it could handle anything.

The other test was the ease with which boats could be produced in different sizes from the same basic data. When it is so easy to do it why not have one of every size.

Prototypes were built and customers have been supplied with models of different sizes. The range that we have settled on seems to cover all needs. At this stage I can say the system works.

9' Belfast Pea

Length:           2.70m / 9'
Beam:              1.10m / 8'
Draft:      row 0.12m / 6"
                  sail 0.65m / 2'2"
Weight:    hull 32kg / 70lbs
                dwl 136kgs / 300lbs
Sail:    spritsail 38ft / 3.5m
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11' Belfast Beach

Length:                 3.35m / 11'
Beam:                   1.30m / 4'2"
Draft:         Row: 0.17m / 7"
                    Sail: 0.92m / 2'11"
Weight:    Hull 50kg / 110lbs
                dwl 190kgs / 400lbs
Sail:     Spritsail:  5.4m / 58ft
                       Lug: 5.6m / 60ft
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13' Belfast Ranger

Length:           3.96m / 13'
Beam:              1.49m / 4'10"

*Boat Under Revision*



15' Belfast Voyager 

Length:              5.30m / 15'
Beam:                 1.57m / 5'2"
Draft:         row 0.18m / 7"
                     sail 0.84m / 2'9"
Weight:      hull 130kg / 285lbs
                   dwl 360kgs / 870lbs
Balanced Lug          38ft / 7.9m

Bermuda Mizzen   14ft / 1.3m
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17' Belfast Intrepid

Length:           5.18m / 17'
Beam:              1.71m / 5'7"

*Kit Under Revision*