11' Belfast Beach Boat

The Belfast Pea is a 11ft / 3.35m glued lapstrake double ended beach boat. Comprising of 9 planks a side and built in 6mm lightweight marine plywood. Available in plan as well as a fully pre cut kit.

Length:  3.35m / 11'     
Beam:  1.30m / 4'2"  
Weight: 50kg / 110lbs 
Hull: 6mm / 9 Planks

Row: 0.17m /7"  
Sail: 0.92m / 2'11"

Spritsail:  5.4m / 58ft
Standing Lug: 5.6m / 60ft

The Boat

The Belfast Beach Boat offers just that bit more comfort and capacity from its smaller sister the Belfast Pea. Designed for an adult and two children or just two adults; this little boat has plenty to offer.  

Once again the rig has been kept simple, an unstayed loose foot spritsail rig. The Belfast Beach Boat was the original concept size behind the Belfast range, designed for my grandfather; Brian to be light enough to launch by himself at a beach but also be seaworth enough to comfortably fish behind the reefs off the beach with a grandchild. 

This hull again has a much larger garbard and first plank than traditional craft. These wider bottom planks are supported by the internal floors and provide the wider flat area that gives the hull its great stability. This grants a perfect opportunity to then show off those wonderful plank lines along the side of the hull. However, these smaller planks not only look fantastic they generate huge hull strength by significantly reducing unsupported hull area. No need for complicated interior structures to support the hull, the hull is the structure.

Another special attribute of the double ended hull is that it does not have all the extra buoyancy of a transom to be pushed about by the waves at the beach. Meaning that the boat can more safely navigate the waters of a beach  without being thrown about by the waves .

The Kit

The kit comes in the form of 3 sheets of MDF and 5 sheets of lightweight marine plywood.

The MDF sheets contain:

  • Self aligning, slot together building jig system.
  • Templates for all wooden components: breast-hooks, floors, rudder components, stem and skeg.
  • Template for building the stem laminating jigs.
  • Centerboard template incase you wish to build a solid timber centerboard.


The Plywood sheets contain:

  • All planking with hidden interlocking  puzzle joints, no wiggly plank joints to hide.
  • Centerboard case sides
  • Centerboard planks
  • Rudder blade blanks