9' Belfast Pea

The Belfast Pea is a 9ft / 2.7m glued lapstrake double ended beach boat. Comprising of 9 planks a side and built in 6mm lightweight marine plywood.

Length: 2.70m / 9'     
Beam: 1.10m / 8'  
Weight: 32kg / 70lbs 
Hull: 6mm / 9 Planks

Row 0.12m / 6"   S
ail 0.65m / 2'2"

Loose foot spritsail 38ft / 3.5m

The Boat

Most small wooden boats, particularly those under 10 feet in length tend to lend themselves to be tender on the water. This tenderness can make the occupant quite uneasy, which is exactly the opposite of what children need to feel. 

The Belfast Pea was primarily designed with children in mind. This is evident by its small size and simple but effective rig; a loose foot spritsail. However this being said,  as an adult I can say that this little boat is still a lot of fun! We have even had three adults (280kg) onboard and still been able to row about, a bit of a tight fit mind you. The hull with its wider and flatter bottom boasts far more stability than traditional planked craft. 

Another special attribute of the double ended hull is that it does not have all the extra buoyancy of a transom to be pushed about by the waves at the beach. Meaning that the boat can more safely navigate the waters of a beach without being thrown about by the waves .

The Kit

The kit comes in the form of 2 sheets of MDF and three sheets of lightweight marine plywood.

The MDF sheets contain:

  • Self aligning, slot together building jig system.
  • Templates for all wooden components: breast-hooks, floors, rudder components, stem and skeg.
  • Template for building the stem laminating jigs.
  • Centerboard template incase you wish to build a solid timber centerboard.


The Plywood sheets contain:

  • All planking with hidden interlocking  puzzle joints, no wiggly plank joints to hide.
  • Centerboard case sides
  • Centerboard planks
  • Rudder blade blanks